Petrochemical Industries Company

Supply & Maintenance of Access Control, Time Attendance, Intranet Gate Pass requesting & Issuance System, Visitor Management System including Photo ID Card & Vehicle Pass Production System & Consumables, Live head count display system for managing evacuations etc. for Petrochemical Industries Company(PIC), Kuwait since 2005. Petrochemical Industries Company Access Control System was implemented in 2005 with numerous Card readers in 6 different locations with several Vehicle barriers, Tripod Barriers, Swing Doors for Handicapped, Sliding Doors, Folding Doors, Security Revolving Doors, Full Height Turnstiles, etc. More than 4000 persons including Staff, Contractors and Visitors in PIC are using Kaba Access Control System.


Kuwait Airways

Supply & Maintenance of Access Control & Time Attendance System including Photo ID Card Production System & Consumables for Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC), Kuwait since 2004. Kuwait Airways Corporation Access Control and Time & Attendance System was Implemented in 2004 with numerous Card readers in 8 different Locations. More than 7000 Staff and Contractors in Kuwait Airways Corporation are using Kaba Access Control and Time & Attendance System.


EQUATE Petrochemical Company

Supply  &  Installation of  Solar –Long  Range Wireless – Explosion  Proof  CCTV systems with 72 hours battery back up  to EQUATE Petrochemical Company .





Ministry of Interior,Kuwait

Supply of Security Documents to the Ministry of Interior since 1998 until present; Supply of  Printers, Consumables, Laminators and Photo Cutters to the Kuwait government.


Ministry of Justice,Kuwait

Supply of documents to the Kuwait Ministry of Justice






Ministry of Foreign Affairs,Kuwait

Supply of stickers to Ministry of Foreign Affairs